PMP® Exam Prep Bootcamp

35 PDUs / Contact Hours & Instructor-Led 
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Course features
  • 700+ Scenario Based Questions with explanation
  • 2+ Quizzes per module with explanation
  • 300 Situational Practice Question with Explanation
  • all 49 Process summary
  • Exam tips and tricks from experience + application
  • eBook per module
  • Application support
  • 35 Contact Hours / PDUs
  • Access to Group whatsApp
  • Extra discount on other courses
  • Access to community
  • On job mentorship
Course overview
This PMP® Online Instructor-Led course provides comprehensive preparation to get you ready for the PMP® certification exam. It covers the latest PMP® exam content and includes interactive tools and resources to help you learn effectively and efficiently.

You can pay up to 3 Instalments:

1 Instalment of €700
2 Instalments of 2x €350 over 2 months
3 Instalments of 3x €240 over 3 months

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This course provides an in-depth look into the PMP® exam, as well as practice questions and explanations to help students better understand the content and prepare for the exam.
What We Offer

What's included in this online course?

A step-by-step guide

Join Woloyem's PMP Bootcamp for structured learning, clear guidance, and comprehensive exam preparation. Unlock your project management success!

Study in group

Experience the power of collaborative learning in our group PMP Bootcamp. Gain diverse perspectives, shared knowledge, and mutual support for mastering project management principles.

Unique learning experience

Master project management with Woloyem's unique PMP Bootcamp. Innovative teaching, practical case studies, and real-world examples create a dynamic learning experience.

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Here are the learning objectives of our bootcamp

Understand PMBOK Updates

Develop a comprehensive understanding of the updated Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) Guide and the Exam Content Outline (ECO 2021) to stay up-to-date with the latest project management practices and exam requirements.

Understand different project Life cycles

Acquire knowledge and skills in both predictive and adaptive project management approaches, including traditional waterfall and agile methodologies, to effectively manage projects across various contexts.

Apply Project Management Principles

Gain proficiency in applying project management principles and best practices in hybrid project environments, integrating predictive and adaptive approaches to meet project objectives and stakeholder needs.

Understand the processes

Familiarize oneself with the five process groups and ten knowledge areas outlined in the ECO 2021, and their application in different project management methodologies.

Master Project Scope Management

Develop expertise in project scope management, including defining and managing project scope in both predictive and adaptive project environments.

Master Schedule Management

Master project time management techniques, such as creating schedules, managing dependencies, and adapting to changing project requirements in hybrid project scenarios.

Master Project Economy and Cost Management

Understand cost management principles, including cost estimation, budgeting, and cost control, in the context of predictive, adaptive, and hybrid project management approaches.

Understand and Apply Quality in Project

Enhance knowledge and skills in quality management, including applying quality assurance and control techniques in both predictive and adaptive project contexts.

Master Project Resource Management

Acquire proficiency in human resource management, encompassing resource acquisition, development, and management in hybrid project environments.

Importance of Risk Management

Develop a solid understanding of risk management principles and practices, including identifying, analysing, and responding to risks in both predictive and adaptive project settings.

Master Project Procurement 

Familiarise oneself with procurement management concepts, including procurement planning, contract management, and supplier integration, in the context of hybrid project management.

Master effective communication

Enhance communication and stakeholder engagement skills to effectively communicate and collaborate in diverse project management environments, including predictive, adaptive, and hybrid approaches.

PMI Code of ethics and professional conduct

Emphasise the importance of ethical and professional conduct in project management, adhering to the PMI Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct across all project management methodologies.

Get ready blast and celebrate

Prepare for the Project Management Professional (PMP) certification exam based on the ECO 2021, with a focus on understanding and applying project management concepts and methodologies in predictive, adaptive, and hybrid project environments.

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Frequently asked questions

What is a PMP® Certification?

The Project Management Professional (PMP) certification is a globally recognised certification offered by the Project Management Institute (PMI). It is designed to demonstrate that a project manager has the necessary knowledge and skills to successfully lead and direct projects. It is the most sought-after industry-recognised certification for project managers. 

What is the PMP® Examination like?

The PMP examination is a 180-question multiple choice exam that tests your knowledge and understanding of the three project management domaine area. People, ( 42% ) Process, (50%) Business Environment (8%). 

What are the requirements for PMP® ?

To be eligible for PMP certification, you must have either a secondary degree (high school diploma, associate’s degree or the global equivalent) and at least three years of project management experience, with 4,500 hours spent leading and directing projects and 35 hours of project management education. 

What is the cost of the PMP® ?

The cost of the PMP certification depends on your membership status with PMI. The cost for a PMI member is $405 USD, while the cost for a non-member is $555 USD.
Since the beginning of 2022, PMI has reduced the price for Africa and other region considered low income countries. It costs less in Africa ( )

How do I obtain the PMP® Certification?

To obtain the PMP certification, you must complete the PMP application, pass the PMP examination, and agree to adhere to the PMI Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct. 

Why i should chose Woloyem ?

Beside that we have great pricing and payement schedule. Our teachers make sure while you are prepare to pass the exam successfully, you also understand and apply the topic in your professional and personal life.

How long does it take to become PMP certified?

Depending on the experience and dedicated time, it typically takes between 3 weeks to six months to prepare for the PMP certification exam. We will motivate the best we can, however its mostly depends on your discipline.

How long is the PMP certification valid?

PMP certification is valid for three years. To maintain your PMP certification, you must earn 60 professional development units (PDUs) during the certification period.

How can I earn PDUs?

PDUs can be earned through activities such as attending PMI-approved events, attending PMI seminars, self-directed learning, and volunteering.

What are the benefits of PMP certification?

The benefits of PMP certification include increased job security, higher pay, greater career opportunities, and improved customer confidence. PMP certification is also a great way to demonstrate to employers your commitment to the profession and your knowledge of project management.

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